Social Media Management

Case Study 2019


Comalytics (formerly ShopDirect) is an e-commerce website development company founded in 2004. They work with local and global customers either directly or through their network of web development agencies and business consultants.

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Our Role

SEO Optimization


Comalytics’ objective was to target their potential clients with an intriguing social media campaign to score more leads in order to expand their business. Furthermore, not having to worry about creating posts, building fans, and generating traffic for their website.

Our Plan:

After analyzing their current social media presence, our team came up with the most executive social media strategy for their business.

Comalytics’ social media management campaign was centered around a long- term strategy to generate more brand awareness. Typically, this means building up strong relationships with fans or potential customers over 6 – 12 months.

Our team collaborated with them in rebranding their social media pages, and in creating new theme and brand guidelines. Social media strategy and guideline for Comalyitcs was divided into quarter intervals and had to be updated at the end of every quarter throughout the year. The objective was to maintain a consistently engaging brand image of the brand.

Our team suggested an approach complementing organic content with an advertising budget to boost either the whole page or an individual post depending on the necessity of the strategy. Approved posts were scheduled on best performing times and days; Considering the niche of business, we targeted company owners and CEOs and top managers in the desired locations specified by the client.

Moreover, our team used Facebook and Twitter to share articles from their blog which in turn drove traffic back to their website and Comalytics asked their customers for feedback and reviews on their social media pages.

The strategy turned out to be an efficient one in the given resources, a significant increase was observed in the traffic directed to Comalytics Website and Social Media platforms. Their social media fans grow constantly and engagement rate improved by every month passing by. It strengthened the brand image as people were connecting and engaging on a regular basis.

Keeping up to their clients and ensuring excellent customer service has helped Comalytics convert most of the directed audience into their potential clients.

Developing an efficient understanding with Comalytics has helped us to develop a great working relationship and has helped us to learn the key elements for an executive Social Media campaign.

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What We Achieved:

In a monthly report, Page likes were increased by 11.44% to 1140. Similarly, significant growth was recorded in Clicks on the page, they were increased by 804.71% to 3221, Page impressions also jumped to 25617 by 904.59%.

These excellent stats results in a noticeable growth in our client’s business.

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