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CardioTech is a dynamic group of international companies with offices in Australia, Canada and Asia. Importing, manufacturing and distributing quality products like Cardio, Treadmill, Massage Chair and other related products throughout Australia for nearly 30 years. Committed to excellence that is reflected in every facet of the business, with superior products, back-up service and warranty support.

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Our Role

SEO Optimization


CardioTech’s objective was to engage with maximum fans to optimize their sales. Moreover, an agency which can take responsibility of their Facebook Page from creating posts, building ads, and provide them with significant results each month.

Our Plan:

Considering their business niche, our team suggested them to make use of their deals and discounts and designed a strategy around this. Posts were divided into two categories of Editorial and Promotional, the promotional posts were designed to promote cardio and other machinery our client is offering. Deals and discounts were also promoted in these posts, and the Editorial posts were used to engage with the audience available on the       developing the fitness goals and its benefits to encourage the usage of client’s equipment.

The client also provided us with blogs every month to further drive the traffic from Facebook to Website. Similar to other clients, the strategy was divided down on a quarterly basis and was updated every quarter to keep up with the changing trends.

The client was very cooperative in providing us with an additional budget to promote Facebook posts. The budget was used to target the potential clients and to collect the leads in the form of Facebook messages. Taking into account their business niche, our target was chiefly based on persons interested in Cardio, Fitness goals, Health and other alike interests.

With dedicated teamwork and effort, the strategy was proven successful, resulting in a significant increase in the Facebook page and website traffic. A significant improvement was observed in the number of engaging people, the Engagement rate skyrocketed and a large number of messages were received inquiring about the products and to place orders. The number of orders placed were much more than the target, resulting in a satisfied and happy client.

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